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80 Countries... 50 States... Millions of Dollars...

Brad's novel career in sales has taken him to every corner of the world. He's closed deals on six continents and worked with teams and organizations across the globe. As a keynote speaker and sales trainer, he shares methods and insights from his unique sales career that are sure to engage and inspire your audience.

"No matter the industry or geography...

I teach how to MOVE DEALS down the SALES PIPELINE."

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Keynotes & Workshops

Sales Pitch Algebra

45 - 120 Minutes

This presentation is based around a simple concept... If asked to deliver an important sales presentation, how does one prepare and present in the most effective way possible?

Brad, with his 25+ years of sales experience, deconstructs the sales pitch and offers simple, unique, and highly valuable insights on how to deliver an impactful presentation without being too "salesy" or too boring.

Audiences will be able to immediately adopt the concepts taught in this presentation into their professional skillset.

Get vs Go

45 - 60 Minutes

A unique selling concept developed by Brad and practiced by his team over the last decade. The GET vs GO concept helps teams evaluate and improve their sales process and pipeline - ultimately leading better deal management, more effective sales strategy, and ultimately deals closed.

This presentation is designed for sales oriented audiences and management teams looking to "level up" their sales excellence.

Sales Intangibles

45 - 60 Minutes

An insightful keynote based on results from valuable research and surveys. This presentation focuses on B2B buyer preferences when interacting with a sales professionals.

Brad shares results of the survey while incorporating insights and stories that are highly useful for sales and marketing professionals, management, customer success teams, anyone who interacts with people as part of their profession.

Trade Show Algebra

45 - 60 Minutes

A fantastic keynote and program filled with real-life examples of trade show successes vs. failures. Includes dozens of examples and fascinating content that will engage sales and marketing professionals.

Learn the 5 tips to creating a successful trade show exhibit.

Hear about a trade show idea that was so effective that a competitors clients were actively involved in the promotion.

10 Tips for Traveling Europe

45 - 60 Minutes

An entertaining keynote/workshop that has nothing to do with sales and everything to do with travel and leisure! Brad shares his insights and experiences on European travel.

Participant learn valuable tips as Brad answers questions such as...

How do you see Europe without the crowds?

Should you take the train or rent a car?

What are the pitfalls most travelers face when booking their trip?

Where do you find the best cuisine?

How do you find the right hotel?

What are the best day trips from Rome, Paris, London or Amsterdam?

Hear about the top destinations that most travelers don't know about.

Brad engages audience with a plethora of stories that are sure to entertain, educate and create serious desire to travel!



When it comes to International Sales and Business Development, Brad has seen and done it all.

Over the course of his career, Brad has been to every corner of the world selling technology, and competing for multi-million dollar projects. A B2B sales expert, he has presented (in-person) in over 80 countries and closed millions of dollars of business on six continents.

Currently Brad serves as a Senior Partner and Head of Sales and Marketing at GlobalSim, Inc. a technology company that manufactures and sells simulator systems throughout the world.

Brad is also founder of Blazer Sales and produces a variety of sales / marketing / leadership material. He holds bachelors degrees in both finance and information systems. Brad also holds a MBA from Brigham Young University.

When not traveling, Brad enjoys boating and skiing with his family, along with hiking, racquetball and listening to classic rock and popular music. Brad also enjoys creating and producing travel content on his YouTube channel.



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